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Indigenous Hip Hop Projects Helps Kids Spread Water Message

Save the Water in Halls Creek

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP) worked with Kimberley kids in remote communities around Halls Creek to produce a 4 minute long film about Saving water. Their message is simple, however the highly effective and well produced media project showcases the complexity of talent in the region.

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects have been working with Indigenous communities around Australia since 2005, Specialising in cultural dance, music, film and the arts around Australia in week long intense programs. The knowledge and skills the local people gain from ITTP visiting helps them to learn through arts and music about issues including health, anti smoking, environment and school attendance.

Around 30 children from Jaru, Kija, Kukatja, Walmajarri, Gooniyandi and other Indigenous communities that live in the Shire of Halls Creek came together with IHHP to produce the music video ‘Save the Water (Ngaba)’. The powerful storytelling music video spreads an important message for all Australians to be mindful of water usage.