Lucy Cox

Lucy Cox

Lucy Cox is a Broome singer songwriter who has connections to Beagle Bay through her Nimunburr people and bloodline and also Nygina and Kitja.

Lucy comes from a big line of family musicians and she became disabled at the age of 14 in which one of her ultimate desires was to record an album and sing.

Lucy achieved this through Dr Mark Bin Bakar HonECU in which
she recorded a collection of songs in Perth engineered by James Hewgill.

Lucy also represented Australia as a performer in China for the Paralympics. Lucy also had been performing as a solo and she did two tours throughout the Kimberley in which one was made into a documentary titled Kimberley Legend. This tour featured several artists like the band Section 54, David Milroy, Francis Cox and Donna Atkins.

After many years break she did a second tour featuring local Broome band Footprince which featured her brother the late Lindsay Cox.

Today Lucy lives in Perth but returns home when ever she can and has demo tracks a new album which she hopes to release soon.

One of Lucy’s ultimate desires was to record an album and sing.