Francis Cox

Francis Cox, indigenous country music artist from the Kimberley, Western Australia

Francis Cox hails from Beagle Bay community approximately 130 kms from Broome. Francis grew up with country music in his blood, listening to the old balladeers and older family members playing music from a very young age. Francis left Beagle Bay Community after completing school to travel with the Rick and Thel County Music Show, travelling all around Australia with the likes of Kevin Gunn and Brian Young. Francis went on to release his first solo album title ‘Just a Country Boy’ and his second album titled ‘Memories Will Last Forever‘.

Francis now recently released a new album of all his original songs which he wrote and performed all the instruments on. This recent release is his third album titled ‘Real Country‘ which includes all his original material. Francis has been a regular at the Tamworth Country Music Festival over the years and continues to record songs in his original country music style.

Francis is keen to be back on the road performing his Country music and is always practicing. He is a worthy artist to book for your event and he will not let you down. Francis has grown into a house hold name in Tamworth and throughout Australia and claims to be a fan and a very close friend of Australian Country Music icon Lindsay Butler. Francis is a big fan as well of Lindsay. Francis has a natural gift of picking out great country tunes of true Aussie style.

Like his cousin Ginger Cox they are loyal lovers of good Australian Country Music and they are great loyal ambassadors of this genre. Francis is available for your event and he can pull a band together or perform solo, either way entertaining at a professional level.

Francis’s idols are the Emmanuelle Brothers, Lindsay Butler and Barry Thornton amongst a few more. He was a special guest standing side by side with Kevin Gunn and shared the stage many times in Tamworth with the Rick and Thel Country Music showcase. This has been the highlight of Francis’s music career and his respect and dedications are to Rick and Thel Carey.

Francis has a natural gift of picking out great country tunes of true Aussie style.