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Muduwarra - Gordon Marshall

Gordon Marshall is from the Nyul Nyul, Yawuru and Karajarri tribes in the Broome region of the Kimberley and is an active contributor to country music with the Derby Country Music Club and the Country Bumpkin Show on 6DBY, Larrkardi Radio in Derby, WA, that is heard across Australia weekly. 

Gordon is also an accomplished musician and songwriter who has played in a number of groups including as a bassist for the Backyard Rascals. Gordon's songs are about family, country and the Kimberley way of life. He draws his inspiration from these simple things that provide a smorgasbord of ideas, lyrics and melodies that do not stray far from good old Australian Country music. 

Gordon is an ex-soldier, and an ex-police officer amongst other careers and his employment history shows his appreciation for his country and his people. If you are a connoisseur of good old fashioned Australian Country music then you will love to add this album to your collection, purchase it for a gift or download it for your personal digital collection. Muduwarra is Gordon’s first solo home grown record. Enjoy!